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Why is VoIP good for remote working?

Why is VoIP good for remote working?


Flexible businesses are most efficient when communication between employees and customers is simple and effective. VoIP phone systems can play a key role in keeping your staff members connected. This allows you to ensure you can continue to serve your customer base. This can be especially advantageous during the Covid-19 pandemic where social distancing is required to keep staff healthy and safe. Below, we outline the top reasons why you’ll find VoIP good for remote working.


Take calls outside of the office


Remote access is one of the key advantages of IP-based phone systems. Above all, it’s great that you can make and receive calls from inside and outside the office. You no longer need to be tied to your desk. Likewise, if your employees need to work from home, the nature of VoIP makes it easy to reroute calls to private numbers — or even to mobile numbers.


Zero cost for international calls


Another perk of VoIP telephones is free international calls between business locations. If your business operates across country borders, this can result in significant cost savings compared to a traditional system. Since VoIP works by using your existing broadband connection, you can make or receive calls to and from internationally-based office locations at no extra charge.


Easier remote team collaboration


Whether you operate a small or large business, team collaboration is important and becomes even more critical when employees are distributed. Cloud phone systems enable you to easily collaborate with team members, attend voice group meetings, or participate in video conferencing without the restrictions of an analogue line. We can even integrate our phone solution within Microsoft Teams allowing you to receive internal and external calls, hold calls, transfer calls and conference call.


Improved call handling


Business VoIP phone systems come with several handy features that make handling calls a breeze. You can set up call redirects to landlines or mobiles, manage call queues and ‘on hold’ music, even away from the office, set up call hunting across multiple VoIP devices, and more. This improves efficiency and company productivity.


Easy to use software interface


The vast majority of hosted telephone systems come with easy-to-use yet powerful software programs, accessible online as SaaS (Software as a Service). These tools allow you to manage all aspects of your phone system no matter where you are located. You can also access reports that provide an overview of system usage.


Reporting and monitoring features


A VoIP setup has several clear advantages over analogue telephone systems. One benefit is the sheer number of reporting and monitoring features available. You can keep an eye on call logs, employee log-ins, time away, and a variety of other data. This can be highly beneficial if you are away from the office for prolonged periods.




In this post, we have outlined some of the key reasons why VoIP is a great choice for helping you work remotely. Aside from the efficiency and productivity benefits, you can also take advantage of significant cost savings. This is especially true if your business makes use of international dialling. With tons of advanced features and easy call management, VoIP is the modern solution for distributed teams. For more information on the benefits of VoIP please click on this link or give us a call with any questions you have 0800 8491555

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