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Learn the Pros and Cons of VoIP

Learn the Pros and Cons of VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a phone service that works over the internet. With a VoIP service, you can use your businesses internet connection to make calls. And this is without having to set up and pay for a manually installed physical telephone line. VoIP is virtual. More and more businesses are trying out VoIP for themselves. However, much like any investment that you may make for your business, chances are that you are going to want to make an informed decision. This means finding out as much as possible. Exploring both positive and negative, about the options open to you. With this in mind, we have put together this guide. We’re covering some of the Pros and Cons of VoIP. Above all, we’re interested in helping you to decide whether or not it is the right choice for you.

The Pros of Cloud Telephony

The best news is that there are plenty of positives to choosing VoIP for your business. The main one has to be that it can save you money. You only need to pay for the telephone service that you use. And there is a wealth of plans that you can choose from within this. Not only this, but you can also find pay as you go choices. That can help you to keep your VoIP service as flexible as you need.

Another great thing about VoIP is that it is portable, rather than being a stuck to your office, you can access it and use it no matter where you are. If you are at home, then you can still get onto your phone system, all using a mobile app.

Finally, VoIP is designed to be user friendly and packed full of features. Features that you either are not able to get on other phone systems, or that you are going to find that you have to pay more to access.

The Cons of VoIP

Whilst VoIP is mostly positive and there are plenty of reasons to use it, there are, much like many things that you can invest in for your business, there are some negatives too.
One main con is that when you call an emergency service through a VoIP system, the address that is going to be displayed is going to be whatever you have set it as. This could be okay if you are in that place still, but if things have changed for your business since you set up your emergency information then this can be wrong and could end up causing a bigger issue.

Another problem with VoIP is that it can be impacted by the power and internet supply in your business. Whilst a normal phone line can work no matter what is going on in your business, if you have a VoIP system and things go down, then your customers won’t be able to contact you if they need to. We do however recommend using the mobile APP so if your internet and power in your office goes off you can revert to using your 3G or 4G coverage to use the phone system through your mobile phone. We can also automatically re-route calls if the internet is to fail to a normal mobile phone number.

In the most part, VoIP is a good idea for your business and is definitely worthwhile investing in. Just make sure that you think about what is going to work well for your business and ensure that you invest in the right choice for you.

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