Phone System Features

50+ features to transform your business
phone system features boost business


There’s a big demand for greater mobility when working. So, we have a host of phone system features. They will allow you to never miss a call, wherever you decide to work each day!


Call Forwarding

Forward your calls no matter if you are in or out of the office.

Mobile App

No matter where you work your business phone system is with you.

Follow Me

Never miss a call, setup call following on multiple phone numbers so your calls come with you.

Call Flip

Seamlessly transfer calls from desk to mobile or mobile to desk.

Web Portal

Control your business phone system from your mobile or computer.

Never Miss a Call

A suite of mobility options for routing calls.

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail messages sent to your email inbox as an attachment.

Work Anywhere

We offer the ultimate freedom by using our mobile app to work anywhere.

Customize Voicemails

Setup and customise different voicemail greetings.

Handset Replication

Have the same phone at home and work replicated. 


Using all our phone system features will ultimately result in greater employee productivity. Monitor performance, track sales cycles and boost your close rates with cloud technology.

phone system integration saves time


Call Announce

Be prepared whenever they call.

Call Group

Forward calls to multiple extensions.

Conference Bridge

Connect up to 25 participants into one conference.

Call Monitoring

“Monitor” calls, “whisper” to employees, or “barge” in to help.

Paging Group

Broadcast an announcement to your entire workforce.

Video Meeting

Collaborate with your team and customer by using video meeting.


Make contact quickly with employees using our mac, pc and mobile chat.

CRM Integration

Enables you to communicate your software and phone system together.

Press 1, Press 2 options

Make it quicker for your customers to call directly to individual departments.

Automatic Time Scheduling

Let our system automatically forward calls at certain times of the day

Customer and employee experience

We believe in happy customers and employees. So, we have brought together the very best phone system features to make their lives easier! Let’s talk about your service options.

Customer and employee experience

Call Announce

Be prepared before they call.

Call Screening

Answer only the important calls after screening each.

Do not Disturb

Send callers directly to voicemail.

Busy Lamp Field

A status indication for each phone on the system.

Call Continuity

Automatic call rerouting in the event of an emergency.

Call Hold

Quickly move to another call and back.

Call Queue

Hold large volumes of incoming calls professionally  

Call Park

Park the call and continue your current conversation

Call Logs

Track all your made and received calls instantly 

Call Waiting

Get a beep warning when someone else is calling you whilst on a call

Adhoc Call Recording

Control the call recording when you need it 

Comany Wide Call Recording

Record every phone call regardless of location or people working from home

High Definition (HD) Voice

The highest quality phone calls


Monitor real time every device and user 

Click to Call

Click on a phone number on your PC and our phones will call the number, no manual dialing

Simultaneous Ring

Get your calls to ring on multiple devices, ring your desk phone, home phone and mobile at the same time

Shared Call Apperance

Monitor your colleagues phones and pickup there calls from your phone

Receptionist Console

Make high volumes of call transferring easy and intuitive using our PC software  

Marketing number

Setup individual phone numbers that can be tracked to monitor response rates

Caller ID

Know who is calling you before you answer

Bespoke Call Tagging

Label each call groups allowing you to see on the screen what number the caller rang, great if you run multiple companies or if calls divert from another branch

Call Blocking

Say goodbye to callers you want to block


Cloud VoIP flexibility is a big win for businesses. It’s one of the phone system features that offers complete flexibility. Also, VoIP supports most popular CRM integrations.

phone system features like cloud


Caller Id Block

Block caller ID on your outbound calls.

Set Caller Id

Easily change a caller ID and choose what people see when you call.

Admin Portal

Manage your entire phone system from a single portal.

Dynamic Caller Id

Use a custom caller ID with the simple click of a few digits on your phone.

Music on Hold

Get a better waiting experience for your callers.

Smart Number

Phone numbers that can be intelligently programmed for your business' exact needs.

Local and Geographic Phone Numbers

We can supply any UK phone number

International Phone Numbers

We allow you to have an international presense by supplying any international phone number regardless of your location

Virtual Receptionist

Bespoke call routing for next level customer service

User Portal

Configure and manage each employee extension