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VoIP phone system benefits

Phone Systems

A VoIP telephone system makes calls over the internet, giving you real flexibility and streamlining your business or home calling. Whether you are in the office, working from home, or out on site – a VoIP phone system ensures everyone in your organisation can stay in touch worldwide.

Wifi Installation

We can improve WiFi signal around any business or home using our intelligent WiFi system. This system offers you a strong WiFi reception and additional features. These include everything from simple password WiFi sign-on to bespoke landing pages with Facebook and Tripadvisor integration to guest only WiFi networks. No matter your need, we can help.

Broadband & Internet

Offering you the highest level of broadband & internet speeds, we can supply 10,000Mbps+ internet speeds to any business or home in the UK. 

Business Mobile

We are experts in mobile phone estate management. Plus, our team proactively manages your mobile account and analyses your spend to align it with the very best tariff. However, we are not tied to any UK network. This allows us to offer you the very best mobile deals. Let us help you with your business mobile contract and VoIP phone system integration.

Energy Utilities Electric, Gas & Water

We handle the hard work of utility procurement, allowing you to enjoy the benefits hassle-free. With our personalised approach, we manage the complexities and details, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions. Trust us to provide the best value, reduce energy consumption, and minimise carbon footprints without the stress.

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As one of the UK’s fastest-growing providers, we are dedicated to making sure all sized businesses have the same advantages. Our prices and 5-star service is making waves in the telecommunications market.

Affordable telecoms solutions for business & residential

Overall, our fair and honest pricing is designed to keep your costs low. We ensure competitive prices on our service and equipment. Small office, homes or large premises, we always strive to offer great value for money.

Affordable? - Yes!

Excellent Services? - Yes!

We’re committed to showing that having fair prices doesn’t come at the cost of excellent service. Businesses don’t have to settle for less. Finally, whether you’re a small business or larger enterprise, you gain the same great service.

Switching is easy

Our onboarding teams make the switch to us easy whether it be a VoIP phone system, internet or mobile switch – we’ll handle everything leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Benefit of one supplier

Stride Communications is an all-in-one business solutions provider powered by products to help run and grow your business. Join our community of 1000+ UK businesses who have benefitted from ONE supplier. Above all, we will support you every step of the way.

Saving cost

Bundle two or more products with Stride Communications to save on average £600 yearly

Save time

Focus on the work you love and not sourcing and managing multiple suppliers.

Save hassle

Because we manage all your services (VoIP phone system, Internet, Mobile & WiFi), you’ll never need to worry who to call for support

Get peace of mind

We have 25 year’s experience and thousands of happy customers

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