WiFi for Business or Home

Amazing WiFi Installation

WiFi is part of all our daily lives. But having poor WiFi reception as a result of black spots, weak signal and interference can be frustrating and extremely counterproductive. More than ever, WiFi is important. Your internet speed might be amazing, but a poorly done WiFi installation could cause up to a 90% loss in internet speed.

We can give you simple and straightforward advice on how you can improve this. Therefore boosting your WiFi signal throughout your home or business, whether indoor or outdoor. 

WiFi Installation heat maps

Total reassurance WiFi Survey

We offer professional WiFi surveys. In addition to checking your WiFi speed is excellent at your business or home, we’ll check for black spots or weak signal.

Above all, this offers you total reassurance that; wherever you are located, the WiFi signal will be strong. 

We create heatmaps based on your business or home layout. And use these to make sure the signal is sufficient throughout. 

WiFi is your marketing friend

More businesses are using WiFi as a form of boosting their marketing strategy to achieve greater sales and brand presence. Let’s face it. We live in a world of social media and are living off our mobile phones. 

WiFi enables you to connect with your customer’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) to leverage customer data captured. Fundamentally, so you can begin to understand who your customers really are by building detailed customer profiles. This will help you drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

Let us help you tap into new media channels with a powerful WiFi connection.

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