On Hold Marketing

Improve caller experience with on hold marketing

Putting your customers on hold is unavoidable. However, we enable you to enhance your company image by implementing a professionally recorded on hold marketing message. 

Let’s face it. When you’re on hold it can get very dull.  Plus, our tolerance for boredom is lower than ever. For instance, if you don’t have a message or music, clients may not know they’re still in the queue. In addition, they may simply get bored and hang up. Lastly, you’re missing a key upsell and cross-sell opportunity. Above all, clients may be become irritable and that’s not good for business. So, why not keep your customers engaged by promoting the many products and services you offer. Additionally, we’ll include some great music to complement them. 

Hurry and make use of this key marketing window today.

tap into on hold marketing messages

Benefits of on hold marketing

Did you know...


of business customers hang up after 40 seconds. That’s lost revenue. But you’ll engage them with on hold marketing.


of business customers are placed on hold or transferred. And that’s a lot of listeners. So, optimise their contributions.


of people who hang up don’t call back. Those are missed sales opportunities. However, you can reduce your drop rate.


of marketing budgets are spent generating incoming calls. And we’ll help you convert those leads.