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How can VoIP help your business?

How can VoIP help your business?


Staying in touch with customers and colleagues is vital when operating a business. If your telephone system is outdated and lacking in functionality, you could be missing out on all kinds of opportunities. VoIP phone systems are now the de facto standard for business phone calls. They enable you to better meet your company objectives, save money, and enjoy crystal clear reception. Can VoIP help your business? Definitely.


What is VoIP?


VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. In layman’s terms, this refers to business phone systems that make use of your Internet connection, rather than your traditional phone line. The now widespread availability of fast broadband ensures VoIP telephone systems are great value for money, secure, flexible, and easily scalable.


Future-proof your business


With the analogue phone system due to close in 2025, investing in a modern VoIP phone system will future-proof your business. If you currently use a traditional analogue system, you will likely be surprised at the many advantages a VoIP solution can bring to your company. Some of the key advantages are outlined below.


Lower costs


VoIP allows you to hurdle the line rental and service changes of the traditional telephone company. This is because VoIP calls use your existing broadband connection. The long-term cost savings are often significant — especially if you operate globally. VoIP allows you to ring all areas of the globe at no extra cost.


Work from anywhere


The nature of VoIP means that you are always connected to colleagues and customers. You can work from anywhere in the world, make and receive calls, reroute calls to your mobile or other numbers, and perform many other tasks. This provides great freedom and flexibility to work the way you want to work.


Higher-quality voice calls


A major plus point of IP phone systems is the clarity of calls. If you are seeking crystal clear voice calls, VoIP is the best option. Traditional analogue lines often suffer from interference, especially if the caller or call recipient also uses an analogue connection. VoIP ensures clearer business communication for improved customer service.


Access calls worldwide


When using a VoIP telephone system calls to international destinations are very cost effective. Cloud telephone systems let you make free calls internationally to other offices you operate, anywhere in the globe as long as they also use the same phone system.


Easy installation and maintenance


Setting up a business cloud phone system is simple and straightforward. But especially if you already have an existing broadband connection installed. Using an experienced provider like Stride Communications will ensure there are no hiccups along the way. Above all, we’ll support you with ongoing mantimence.


Lots of great business features


Firstly, most modern hosted telephone systems let you take advantage of a range of features to assist your business. Additional examples include the easy implementation of telephone queues, on-hold marketing messages, and service messages. Plus, one-click calling, hot desking, and a virtual switchboard are other useful examples.


Easy and fast to scale


Cloud telephone systems have the added benefit of being easy to set up, maintain, and expand. Above all, VoIP allows your company to scale up quickly with little effort and cost. And this is great news if you anticipate company growth. Moreover, if you are a startup and need a flexible solution.




A VoIP phone system is the most feature-rich and cost-effective telephone system for your business. VoIP technology allows for easy scalability, cost savings, great flexibility, and crystal clear call quality. And this applies to companies of all sizes. Get in touch with us at Stride Communications to see how we can help your business. For more information on phone systems please click on this link

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