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Business Phone System for home and business

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Our VoIP business phone system is cost-effective, flexible, feature-rich and easy to use. We have designed it for any size business or residential home.

What is a cloud phone system

Using the cloud enables you to benefit from substantial cost savings due to reduced spend on hardware, setup and maintenance. All you need is an internet connection! Watch our video to understand more…

Work from anywhere with our mobile, pC, mac or tablet App

We have designed our business phone system to fit around you. Wherever you decide to work each day, our phone system comes with you. Use our easy to set up mobile app to link a mobile and desktop handset to ring simultaneously. Our app can also be installed on a PC or Mac. 

Say you decide to work from home 2 days a week, you can answer and make calls just as normal. Like when you are in the office, calling out shows your business phone number and not your mobile number. If you need to transfer, hold or conference call this can all happen on the app. The app is available for Apple and Android phones. No one will ever know you are not in the office. 

Be ready today and plan for the future

make business phone system calls

Make calls anywhere, home, work, car, beach

record business phone system calls

Record all phone calls or adhoc

business phone system conference

Chat & Video Conferencing

business phone systems over wifi or mobile networks

Stay connected anywhere using wifi, or mobile

"Using Stride's phone system has revolutionised and future proofed our business" - Steve Miller - Facilities manager

Add Hardware

Desk Phones

Dect/Portable Phone

Conference phone

Door entry

Take your phone system to the next level by Integrating your favourite CRM

Be in control of your phone system

We have worked our magic to make sure our phone system is really simple to manage using our web portal. This is accessible from any web browser. Plus, the portal enables you to make changes on your phone system including individual changes to each employee phone- wherever they are located. So, why would you need the ability to control your phone system?

Here are some examples:

Already using Microsoft Teams? We have you covered!

What makes us different


What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud based business phone system offers secure, hosted phone functionality over the internet This eliminates the need for expensive and complex office hardware.

How long does it take to setup?

We can offer same day setup if you are not going for physical hardware. This is case you are opting to use our app. If you require hardware and your order is placed before 12pm, we can get your handset sent out for a next day delivery (Mon-Fri).

Can I transfer my existing phone number?

YES you certainly can. We can transfer any UK phone number to us. The best thing is, if you have our phone system and you move office the phone number moves with you!

What phone numbers can you supply?

We can supply ANY UK and International phone number. For example, you could have a Glasgow, Manchester and London phone number for your company. If you wanted to have an international presence, we can supply any international number. So, a New York phone number even if you are based in the UK! 

What happens if I am still in contract?

You may have to pay a cancellation fee to switch to us. If you are not, we can set up your cloud phone system straight away. Cloud phones do not require a phone line. The technology just needs an internet connection. If you are in contract we may be able to buy you out of your contract in certain circumstances. This relies upon our prior approval before you sign up to us. It is your responsibility to be aware of any existing contracts. 

What are the benefits of Cloud VoIP?
1. VoIP is very easy to install, configure, and maintain.

And they’re uncomplicated to install, even for the people who have limited technical knowledge.


2. VoIP software makes it uncomplicated and low-cost to insert new users.

And a suitable web portal makes it simple to move, add, or modify the system’s configuration. You won’t be installing any VoIP hardware. You will only require physical phones if you don’t want to just use our app calling software for your Mobile/PC/Mac.


3. VoIP Scales up or down effortlessly.

It is not always simple to calculate how many phones you will require over the next year. And if you have a conventional phone system, you have to estimate cautiously to steer clear of spending money on phone lines you won’t utilize.

All this goes away with VoIP systems. If you choose VoIP for your business, then you can add an extension the moment you insert a new employee. And if an employee leaves, you can simply relocate or remove the extension.


4. Employees’ numbers follow them wherever they go.

A VoIP phone system lets every user access a suitable web portal to reconfigure the system at any time. Cloud VoIP phone systems are also excellent for business phone systems that have field workers or workers who travel a great deal. You can divert calls to anyplace in the world through the cloud VoIP phone system features.


5. A variety of call features are supported.

Every conventional call system features you expect are available in VoIP systems. This includes call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus.


6. Older technology like Fax is also supported.

Virtual faxing (also known as fax to email) is an additional feature of VoIP phone systems. Yet in the age of email and instant communication, there are a number of instances when faxes are essential. Without the requirement for any paper or toner, you have the ability to send and receive faxes through the email account you previously have with a hosted business VoIP system.


7. Cloud VoIP saves businesses money.

Saving money is one of the most significant features of Business Cloud VoIP phone systems. Legacy systems are known for being expensive. Setup used to be invasive, reconfiguration needed time and physical system changes, and maintenance and repairs could be rather costly.

However, VoIP systems, you not only save on the expenses of installation. Calls themselves are drastically less costly. If your business makes a large number of international calls, business VoIP phone systems provide you the savings you need to have a great phone system without an enormous capital investment.


8. VoIP integrates with other business systems.

Because VoIP calls are internet-based, Cloud VoIP systems are comparatively easy to incorporate with the business applications you use every day. You can do things such as placing outbound calls via Outlook or any other email client, or raise a clients record with that customer’s inbound calls.

Voicemail accounts are available through email for employees who travel, and you can even get voicemail transcription. This characteristic transcribes voicemail messages into text and routes them to your email account, thus you don’t have to be concerned about taking notes while conversing (transcription is available on initial request/before sign up).

What features can I expect by using a Cloud Phone System?

Check out our link to show you all the features of our business phone system – click here 

Is it hassle to move to you?

Not at all. Since we manage everything for you, you sit back and relax. When we’re done installing, you’ll experience the benefits of using a cloud phone system! 

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