Video Chat & Conferencing

Create a better experience with live video chat

Unlock the ability to hold internal and external video chat calls using your PC, mac, tablet or mobile. Collaboration is key. And your business benefits when teams work together. So, bring your team into better contact through our smart tools.

First, choose from our 2 variants. We offer internal only video and internal/external video. Internal only is ideal for linking your team together for meetings and conferences. However, our internal & external option allows you to contact people outside your organisation via video chat.

So, please let us know which variant meets your needs when you get in touch. Above all, we’re committed to getting your team communicating.

8 benefits of Video Chat

Instant messaging - chat

We allow you to stay connected with your employees by using instant messaging or live chat. You can hold individual chat conversations or create a group conversation. Above all, you’ll keep connected with real time communication. And it’s available on PC, mac, tablet or mobile.  

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