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We supply a FREE to use mobile calling app called Zoiper lite to make and receive calls on a Iphone/Android/PC/MAC. The APP is reliant on having a good quality Wi-Fi connection or good 4G/5G reception to make calls, without this the APP will not work.

To login into the APP we will send you a QR scan code for the IOS/ANDROID APP. For the PC/MAC APP we will send you some login details by email, if you don’t have these please request them from support@stridecommunications.co.uk 

If you will be using the APP on a regular basis, we recommend upgrading the Zoiper app to the premium version that can be purchased through the Apple or Google play store to improve call quality and reliability of using the app within different Wi-Fi and 4G/5G environments such as cafe’s, hotels, customer premises, locations outside of where you normally use the APP.

The Premium app offers you.

*Improved call quality

*Call transfer

*Improved battery usage

*Push notification enabling a more reliable way of receiving calls (push notification wakes up the phone when a call is being received even if the APP is in the background)

How to upgrade within the Zoiper LITE IOS/ANDROID APP

To upgrade to push notifications, select SETTINGS>PREMIUM FEATURES>Select push notification subscription.

To upgrade the call quality, select SETTINGS>PREMIUM FEATURES>G.729 codec 

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