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Stride is a leading independent communications company servicing business customers for their entire voice and data needs
Business Numbers & Conference Solutions
We offer a complete range of business telephone numbers from 0800, 0845, 0870, 090, 03 and local based numbers such as 0207. These types of numbers can mask any standard telephone/mobile number. The key benefits for a business are:

Advanced call routing - calls can be automatically diverted at certain times of the day to another landline or mobile number, never miss a call again!
Professional corporate image - create a national presence instead of using your standard local number
Disaster recovery - our numbers can be re-directed at any point to another landline or mobile number
Increased call traffic - offer your customer the chance to call you FREE
Track live call traffic for sales and marketing strategies
Keep the same phone number whenever you move business locations

Our brilliant online call management service includes

Welcome Message - Give your business a professionally recorded welcome message
Call Whisper - Learn the source of your phone call before accepting it
Voicemail - Receive your business voicemails straight to your email inbox as a wav file
Simple IVR - Handle calls efficiently without the need for a receptionist by directing calls straight to a ring group or voicemail
Fax to Email - Receive faxes as documents straight to your BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad or computer
Call Forwarding and Ring Groups
Divert your calls to another landline (or group of landlines) for free
Free online Call Statistics

Telephone numbers available Number information / Benefits
0800 & 0808 Free to call from Landline and some mobile operators

Increase enquiries by up to 175%

Gives your business a nation-wide feel
0333 & 0330 Used by established and trusted businesses

Perfect for customer calling from a mobile as an O3 number is the same rate as a national phone call
0845 Cheap for your customer to call

Highly recognised and trusted

Gives your business a nation-wide feel
0844 Free to buy

Cheap for your customer to call

People dont mind calling 0844 numbers
01 & 02 local numbers Target customers who only shop locally

Number for every UK town & city
0900 Generate significant revenue generation

Large selection of different per minute revenue amounts

Reliable out payments

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