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We deliver very fast internet

Today, every business needs access to the world wide web. Having a reliable internet connection is extremely vital, at Stride we offer a range of broadband and internet products to help you stay connected.

We are rolling out the fastest internet services available, unknown to many any UK home or business can receive 100Mbps+ internet! 

At Stride we have many different options based on your requirements and budget, we surprise a lot of customers with the options they never even knew existed to help increase your internet speed. 

We are an approved provider of the Government backed gigabit voucher scheme assisting businesses lower there internet cost as well as increasing there internet speed, talk to us today to explore your options! 

Option 1 - leased line

A leased line is delivered over fibre cable, wherever you are located a leased line can be installed, we can supply speeds from 10mbps up to 10,000mbps. A leased line offers the same download and upload speed, as your business grows you can increase the internet speed at any time for example jump from 100Mbps to 10,000Mbps.

Undoubtedly a leased line is the very best internet service available as it offers any internet speed, 99.999% uptime gurantee, 5 hour fix in the event of a failure and 365 day support. A leased line is a dedicated connection meaning the speed you purchase remains the same at all times unlike standard broadband that will fluctuate.

Option 2 - fibre to the premise

Fibre to the premise offers speeds up to 1000mbps+, unlike a leased line this service is only available at designated locations around the UK. The service is a delivered entirely over fibre cable. We can run a check to see if this service is available, we just need to know your postcode.

Option 3 - fibre to the cabinet

 Fibre to the cabinet also known as FTTC or Infinity offers a part fibre part copper cable service, this gives you speeds up to 80Mbps 

Option 4 - 4G internet

4G internet is a very quick and easy way to increase your internet speeds especially in rural locations with good mobile signal coverage, 4G can give you up to 50Mbps speed however this is dependant on your location and also the demand on the mobile mast (how many people are using the mast at any given time). 4G speeds will fluctuate and it is not a guaranteed speed service however customers using 4G have seen an average increase of 600% increase in download speeds! We can supply you with one of our 4G routers, if you want the ultimate 4G signal strength we can install outdoor 4G antennas pointed towards the nearest mobile mast. External antennas are recommended as your internal home walls can block the signal especially in older properties we have found. 

Option 5 - ADSL2+

ADSL2+ is one of the most common internet services as it is available pretty much everywhere in the UK, ADSL2+ offers speeds of 24Mbps over copper cable. Speeds are distance dependant from your location to the nearest BT local exchange. 

The need for speed! What service is right for you

Leased line - available everywhere

Up to 10,000Mbps

Fibre to the premise - location dependant service

Up to 1,000Mbps

Fibre to the cabinet - location dependant service

Up to 80Mbps

4G internet - location dependant service

Up to 50Mbps

ADSL2+ - location dependant service

Up to 24Mbps

ADSL - location dependant service

Up to 8Mbps

Bonded Broadband

We have the ability to bond up to 4 broadband connections together meaning you get 2-4 times your current speed, for example say you currently get 40Mbps, we can transform this into 160Mbps by using our 4x bonding method.

We can bond 2,3 or 4 broadband connections together, must be ADSL2+ or Fibre to the cabinet internet. 

If you currently have broadband installed we can utilise the existing broadband and install install additional broadbands. If you would like to do a broadband speed test to see how fast you current internet is – click on this link 

Load Balanced internet

Load balancing can be used to spread your internet load over 2 internet connections, the internet connections could even be a mix of 4G and fibre or even 2 fibre broadbands.

This method will not increase your internet speed however it will help you maintain the level of your maximum speed as the load is shared evenly over two internet connections as opposed to 1. As we all know any internet connection speed is not infinite, it has a limit to the amount of load it can take, For example if you only have 1 internet connection and you download a large file this may then make it impossible to stream a video at the same time, load balancing allows the large file download to be spread over both internet connection thus alleviating the load allowing you to also stream a video at the same time.  

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